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We offer all services your event might need!

We understand scientific events as a fundamental point of networking, partnership and professional growing. This is why we work closely with the scientific committee to develop the perfect scenario for your meeting.

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Courses, Conferences & Meetings

We have been working for more than 10 years with some of the most renowned scientific professionals, to develop trending courses, conferences and meetings in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery and microsurgery.

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Our services

We believe that offering a wide range of services and helping our clients to choose what their event really needs is the only way to guarantee the success of their events.

Sponsorship management & Budget

Partnership and networking are the basis of a successful event.

We can reach the potential sponsors and partners and develop sponsorship packages, as well as sponsored parallel symposiums, to ensure your event’s cost-effectiveness.

Graphic & Web Design & App developement

We understand each event as a whole project that must have a powerful brand image, recognizable for everyone.

We work together with graphic designers and web and app developers to create the perfect image for your event.

Communication & Online Marketing

In XXI century digital communication is a must for every successful project.

In addition to the web and app development we create communication campaigns and marketing mailing to ensure that your offer reaches your potential public.

What we offer you during the event

Every detail is important to ensure the success of your event

Photo & Video archive

Having a testimonial of your event is fundamental to increase the impact in your sector.

We work with great professionals in order to have a photo album and short video that will represent your event in the future.

Host, Transfer & Social plan

Faculty are the main point of an event.

We ensure they comfort by organizing their accommodation; the transfer between airport, the venue and the hotel; and organizing a social plan that allow them a great networking experience.


Breaks during the event are an important point of it, as they complete the networking experience of your event.

We organize the catering for lunch and coffee breaks, offering a complete gastronomical experience.

Temporary Decor

Every event has its particular necessities regarding furniture and vinyl decoration.

We ensure to offer a whole branding image in all the escenario elements: from furniture to graphic design decoration.

Interpret & Translation

Scientific meetings put together people from all over the world. Sometimes it is important to translate the content of the talks into another languages.

We offer a simultaneous translation service to cover all your attendees needs.

On-site support

If you do not dispose of a professional staff that can be at charge of your event, we can be on your side. Registration Desk and professional Hostesses can be provided.

What they say about our work

Don’t just take our words for it. Our clients are our biggest supporters.

This is what clients, faculty and attendees say about the courses, conferences and meetings we have organized.

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